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Hi! I'm Michael Wilson, and I founded Wilson Designer Homes in 2015. 

I had always envisioned working for myself and establishing my own destination from an early age.

To fulfill my dream, I wanted to build an innovative construction company that would provide exceptional, quality homes as well as a genuine commitment to its customers. My commitment would be to provide clients with a personalised designs, realistic timelines, and an impeccable customer service.

The Wilson family have always had a passion for construction and development. During his younger years, my Poppa was a builder in Matamata and the surrounding districts. When he was a young man, most farmers did not hire a builder to erect their sheds or houses so he built his own home on the dairy farm he'd purchased later in life.

When I was a kid, I loved building things. I used to nag my parents to buy me tools so I could build furniture or other knick-knacks at home.

Due to this and my father repeatedly telling me that “You should leave the world in a better way than you found it”, I had a burning desire to succeed in life. I aspired to build a meaningful business and do something I could be proud of. So my path into the construction industry was set.

My greatest joy is to see my projects completed and to see others achieve their personal goals. It gives me great satisfaction to know, at the end of each day, that I have put all my effort in and have worked as hard as possible to help someone realise their own dream.

Michael Wilson

Managing Director

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