Our Promise to You

1. Fixed Price Contract

We can fully guarantee that your building costs will not change once the contract terms have been agreed upon with absolutely no cost overruns or hidden costs.  

2. 100% Quality Assurance

You can rest assured that our commitment to building new homes that conform to our high standard of Quality Control Protocols with every single step of the building project.

3. Halo Residential Guarantee

Our business provides you with a TEN YEAR GUARANTEE for our residential builds. Our Halo Guarantee is fully backed by Certified Builders and our Master Builders Guarantee gives you complete peace of mind as a new homeowner.

4. Realistic Timelines

You will provide you with a realistic timeline for the entire construction processes including the consents and site work on your property. 

5. Clean New Home

We guarantee that we will thoroughly clean your property prior to you taking full ownership of your new home.

Halo 10-year residential building guarantee New Zealand
New Home Building Guarantee - Waikato

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